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Frederik Harwath fHack at gmx.de
Sun Jun 3 10:18:07 UTC 2001

reply to the mail from Olivier Berger (oberger at april.org):

> I read the following post on foundation-list at gnome.org...
> Just to know... is there a similar plan a LinuxTag to better promote
> GNOME... is it related to FSFE's activities ?

You might try to contact Martin Baulig, who managed the FSF/GNU 
booths at the LWE and last year's Linux at work in Frankfurt including
presentations of the GNOME project. afair his email address was
martin at home-of-linux.org, but I'm not sure wether he's still using
it as I didn't receive an answer when I tried to contact him because
of a GNOME booth at this year's Linux at work. We could include a GNOME
presentation at the FSFE booth, couldn't we?


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