BLACK! (Re: White T-shirts et al)

Kim Bruning (seperate for lists) kim2 at
Fri Jun 1 18:48:33 UTC 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> Hello once again,
> Current plan:
>   * 500-1000 white T-shirts. (You have convinced me that black ones
>     will not look good with "Gnu and Europa" on them.)

<beg> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't convince you of this I'm sure.
Anything Anything, even a white circle on them, just have some black
T-shirts, Please! </beg>

>   * Cotton bags, natural color, "Gnu and Europa" on one side,
>     combined with some text and the official FSFE logo.

Cool. Any chance of dying some Black?
>   * Badges (buttons). 3cm or 6cm diameter.
>     Can we sell them? For what price?
> No key chains with coins yet. They cost as much as the T-shirts, and
> I do not expect them to sell equally well. No baseball caps yet.

When you get some, could you have some in black too please?
> Further suggestions / comments / bug reports / protests?

Protest: good plan. 

| Equal Rights for Black! |
           || <----- Picket Sign

Having said all that, even if you ignore this mail, thank you very much
for taking this initiative, I think it's cool. :-)

read you soon,
	KIm Bruning

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