ILIAS mix of GNU GPL with own terms

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Fri Jun 1 12:39:16 UTC 2001

Sonja Branskat wrote:

> >>  Reinhard Mueller wrote
> >>  > One additional problem I see is: Will these AGBs be valid for people
> >>  > that get this software from somewhere else? They will probably never
> >>  > have seen them...
> >>
> >>  they are not valid for for people who get this software from somewhere
> >>  else
> >
> >So you allow me to distribute the software to people who actively search
> >for patent violations?
>   yes, you can. If someone finds anything, they will sue you as you 
> distributed the software.

If, e.g. some copyright is violated in the software, AFAIK the
author will be sued, not the distributor.

> >Even more important is the question: If the above is _not_ true and you
> >don't allow me to redistribute the software to persons who'll actively
> >search for patent violations, doesn't these additional conditions make
> >the software non free software?
> >
> >I understand that you have to make certain precautions. But if you want
> >to redistribute your software under the GNU GPL you should face the
> >question concerning the freedom of your software.
>    to me understanding our software is completely GNU GPL  licensed software.
>    Our AGBs do not restrict any of the GPL terms.

The following does -- though it might be only a minor issue in most
cases, GPL does not allow for *any* further obligations.

:    "Sofern der Lizenznehmer die Software bearbeitet und diese
:    Bearbeitung Dritten zug=E4nglich macht, ist er verpflichtet, dem
:    Lizenzgeber auch eine Kopie der Bearbeitung kostenlos zukommen zu
:    lassen, oder, sofern die Bearbeitung =F6ffentlich und kostenlos
:    zug=E4nglich ist, dem Lizenzgeber die Quelle mitzuteilen."

:    ("If the licensee modifies the software and makes this
:    modification available to third parties, he is obligated to
:    make available a copy of the modification to the licenser at no
:    cost, or, if if the modification is available publicly and at
:    no cost, to inform the licenser about the source.")


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