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Tue Jul 31 16:35:18 UTC 2001

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 11:34:58AM +0200, Anders Lindback wrote:
> You cant make a competing product using GPL. If you make a viewer you
> are then in violation and will have to spend time in jail. The only way
> for you to view the e-book is by buying the e-book viewer. 

Yes, that is my main problem with this law. The way it is written it's not
clear if a GPL'd reader is a "circumvention device" or not. In the US the
judge decided that DeCSS is. I think it's not. 

Anyway, my point in my previous message was that you can still reverse engineer
and build a (free or non-free) program that competes with the original
software that _creates_ the copy protected content.

> By controlling the format they would get a monopoly in the market.
> It would have been better if the format was open so that anyone would
> be able to make a elektronik book and anyone might be able to make
> a viewer. 

I agree entirely, unfortunatly that is a decision of the company that creates
the format. I don't think most companies agree with us because they usually
try to keep secret as much information as possible so that they have an
advantage against the competition and can force the costumer to keep buying
their products. We can lobby to create a law that makes it mandatory for
companies to open all formats/protocols but I think it will be difficult. :)

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