European DMCA

Klaus Schilling pessy at
Mon Jul 30 19:54:33 UTC 2001

João Miguel Neves writes:
 > On 30 Jul 2001 20:14:31 +0200, Simo Sorce wrote:
 > > > The problem is that, in practive it makes reverse engineering a crime.
 > > 
 > > Will this imply that decoding protocols that flows over a network will be
 > > also a crime?
 > First, the standard disclaimer, IANAL.
 > For SMB, as is, I think there's no problem. Now if MS extends the
 > authentication protocol to make sure you're connecting from workstation
 > with a valid license, reverse engineering that might put you in jail,
 > because your work could be considered as "facilitating ... an
 > infringement of any copyright".

And what about ICQ? Most clients have been obtained by rev engeineering,
I believe.

Klaus Schilling

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