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>On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 01:01:29PM +0200, Joerg Schilling wrote:
>> >unfortunately, this thread has developed in an unhappy way.
>> If you would say that it _started_ in an unhappy way, I could agree.

>it started with someone expressing his feelings and asking
>questions. I would not call that unhappy.

Right! It did not start by proovable facts that may have become 
a base for a real discussion. It started with unproovable feelings!
For this reason, it is obvious that the "discussion" _started_
in an unhappy way.

- just remember that somebody put BerliOS/GMD in relation with 
FhG and it's patent and spin off policy. This discussion fortunately
has been finished now. For people who like to read unbiased background
information, I just found a publically readable page at:

>it would further help a serious discussion if we all
>use a more friendly way in our language.

I hope you take your suggstion for serious and in future use proovable
facts when you stay in this discussio, or at least express your feelings.

>> >Probably I am one of the guys you have talked about.
>> >One of those who were said to 'not trust BerliOS'.
>> >To my taste this term does not really express my point.
>> A note to make this discussion understandable for people outside
>> your brain. Please don't use words like 'taste'. Statements with
>> unprovable feelings are an improper way to run a discussion.

>If I express a feeling it is as much truth as any other
>opinion presented here.
>(btw, 'unprovable feelings' are an essential part of our being and
>they drive most of our activities.)

If you _express_ a feeling, things way be different! But you did not
express your feelings so it seems that you have no real interest on
a discussion that may have a result that helps us for the future.

If you cannot express feelings, please keep them secret as nobody
may understand them.

>Is this the way to seriously discuss matters?
>How can you ignore the arguments for my personal decision

Sorry, if you give _arguments_ it may be possible to have a discussion.

>with just saying they are off-topic?
>I intentionally put the fs/oss argument in the first place because
>it is the base for my personal decision not to take BerliOS as
>development platform. I made this decision long before
>this thread started. I wanted to help BerliOS with letting them
>know about the reasons for my decision (something, marketing guys
>pay a lot for :-).

So how about telling us the reasons for your decision? 
It then may be possible to start a real discussion.

>> >2.	I recently discussed some technical and communication
>> >	problems of BerliOS and even offered my help (on this list
>> >	in correspondence with someone of the GMD/BerliOS circle).
>> >	I got no answer, which might be by chance, but this actually
>> >	dows downgrade BerliOS. (I asked for the direct contact to discuss
>> >	critics to BerliOS; there seems to be no apropriate contact
>> >	information on the BerliOS pages. Free software people
>> >	don't like anonymity.)
>> Please keep with the truth! You did receive an answer but either did not
>> read it or ignored it.
>> Fortunately this is easy to proove by reading:

>First, I don't like the language.

This is a language that has been introduced by you into this thread!
If you are using a rough tone, then you should be prepared to get an
answer adequate to your tone - sorry.

>Well, I guess that you are the contact. Due to your
>improper attacking of my person for expressing personal opinions

I am not attacking your person but the way you are trying to have a discussion.

>I currently feel not motivated to support BerliOS by sending
>critics (hope you treat direct critics in a more friendly fashion
>than here on this list).

If you know in advance that you don't like to support BerliOS and it's
fs/oss activities, why then did you take part in this discussion?

It sounds that you know in advance that you don't like to support BerliOS
and you are looking now for a reason to base your dislike on.

There are people in this mailing list who realized that there have been
missunderstandings. I hope that you will in future do too.


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