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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at
Mon Jul 30 08:55:49 UTC 2001

On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 01:01:29PM +0200, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >unfortunately, this thread has developed in an unhappy way.
> If you would say that it _started_ in an unhappy way, I could agree.

it started with someone expressing his feelings and asking
questions. I would not call that unhappy.

> I tried my best to prevent the discussion to stay at a level that
> is biased by prejudices and far from reality. I hope that
> other people will follow my example.

it would further help a serious discussion if we all
use a more friendly way in our language.

> >Probably I am one of the guys you have talked about.
> >One of those who were said to 'not trust BerliOS'.
> >To my taste this term does not really express my point.
> A note to make this discussion understandable for people outside
> your brain. Please don't use words like 'taste'. Statements with
> unprovable feelings are an improper way to run a discussion.

If I express a feeling it is as much truth as any other
opinion presented here.
(btw, 'unprovable feelings' are an essential part of our being and
they drive most of our activities.)

> >My feelings about BerliOS consist of two elements:
> >1.	I am of the free software camp, not the open source one.
> If you constantly deviate from the main topic, it is hard to take you
> for serious. If you like to have such a discusion, go and find
> some people who are willing to do on a private base.
> For the same reason, I removed the rest of this paragraph.
> If you really like to push free-software/open-software movement,
> you should not preach uncertainty.

Is this the way to seriously discuss matters?
How can you ignore the arguments for my personal decision
with just saying they are off-topic?
I intentionally put the fs/oss argument in the first place because
it is the base for my personal decision not to take BerliOS as
development platform. I made this decision long before
this thread started. I wanted to help BerliOS with letting them
know about the reasons for my decision (something, marketing guys
pay a lot for :-).
Of course you have the right to not consider people like
myself in your BerliOS plannings.

> >2.	I recently discussed some technical and communication
> >	problems of BerliOS and even offered my help (on this list
> >	in correspondence with someone of the GMD/BerliOS circle).
> >	I got no answer, which might be by chance, but this actually
> >	dows downgrade BerliOS. (I asked for the direct contact to discuss
> >	critics to BerliOS; there seems to be no apropriate contact
> >	information on the BerliOS pages. Free software people
> >	don't like anonymity.)
> Please keep with the truth! You did receive an answer but either did not
> read it or ignored it.
> Fortunately this is easy to proove by reading:

First, I don't like the language.
Why do you call me a lyar in the first place and only then give the option
that I haven't read it?
Truth is, that I didn't realise the two lines (I was not cited
with the corresponding questions which I scanned for). I am sorry for that.
I will go and find out who was in the CC (unfortunately this is not
available on the above web page).

Well, I guess that you are the contact. Due to your
improper attacking of my person for expressing personal opinions
I currently feel not motivated to support BerliOS by sending
critics (hope you treat direct critics in a more friendly fashion
than here on this list).


Jan-Oliver Wagner     

Intevation GmbH	          

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