European DMCA

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Sun Jul 29 21:24:02 UTC 2001

> The complete text can be found at

(I'm said).

An interesting comment by Philippe Aigrain (speaking only for himself)
was sent to freesw at some time ago; I think the archives are
public, you can search for:

> From: Philippe.Aigrain at
> Message-ID: <8944D19B724BD4119F22009027CA2F920270FBDA at EX2LUJMOMBX03>
> To: freesw at
> Subject: RE: [Freesw] DMCA is now a European Directive
> Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 10:04:36 +0200

(if the archives are not public, then I don't think I'm allowed to
repost here, I don't know as I'm in email-only mode).

> What should we do ? Anyone experienced in political lobbying ?

All restrictions are compusory, all exceptions for fair use are
optional. So we definitely should lobby in each member state to
at least accept all the options in the local implementation of the directive

/alessandro, very concerned about this "intellectual property" fuss

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