On the structure of the FSF Europe (was: Re: membership)

jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Sun Jul 29 13:24:57 UTC 2001

On Sun, Jul 29, 2001 at 03:43:22PM +0200, Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> Hi all,

hi Georg,

i understand and accept everything you state, but i see a small inconvenience 
in your conception of representativeness:


> The FSF does not claim to be representing everyone, the only people we
> may represent are those who publicly state that we do because they are
> happy with the work we do. 
> Other than that, we only speak for ourselves.


in fact what i see here is a dangerous recursion: if membership to FSFE would 
be opened, the "ourselves" would enlarge to the community which is asking you 
to be inscribed because it feels represented. by closing membership you avoid 
any legitimation of the possible critics coming out from that community.

i'm satisfied with the activity of the FSF and grateful to many developers
which shared their research and joined their efforts in developing not only
Free Software but the idea of it; but i fear the danger of a takeover on the
long period for larger scale FSF's affiliates and of immediate takeovers for
smaller (i.e. national) contexts while adopting such dialectics.

if i'm bothering you that much with such arguments i beg your pardon, if there
is a FSF discussion area for such topics i would be interested in knowing
about it.


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