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Joerg Schilling schilling at
Sat Jul 28 11:01:29 UTC 2001

>From discussion-admin at Fri Jul 27 09:39:29 2001

>unfortunately, this thread has developed in an unhappy way.

If you would say that it _started_ in an unhappy way, I could agree.

I tried my best to prevent the discussion to stay at a level that
is biased by prejudices and far from reality. I hope that
other people will follow my example.

>Probably I am one of the guys you have talked about.
>One of those who were said to 'not trust BerliOS'.
>To my taste this term does not really express my point.

A note to make this discussion understandable for people outside
your brain. Please don't use words like 'taste'. Statements with
unprovable feelings are an improper way to run a discussion.

>My feelings about BerliOS consist of two elements:

>1.	I am of the free software camp, not the open source one.

If you constantly deviate from the main topic, it is hard to take you
for serious. If you like to have such a discusion, go and find
some people who are willing to do on a private base.

For the same reason, I removed the rest of this paragraph.
If you really like to push free-software/open-software movement,
you should not preach uncertainty.

>2.	I recently discussed some technical and communication
>	problems of BerliOS and even offered my help (on this list
>	in correspondence with someone of the GMD/BerliOS circle).
>	I got no answer, which might be by chance, but this actually
>	dows downgrade BerliOS. (I asked for the direct contact to discuss
>	critics to BerliOS; there seems to be no apropriate contact
>	information on the BerliOS pages. Free software people
>	don't like anonymity.)

Please keep with the truth! You did receive an answer but either did not
read it or ignored it.

Fortunately this is easy to proove by reading:


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