Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at
Fri Jul 27 10:30:54 UTC 2001

I said:
>> Why is it then however, that anyone can become a member of the FSF 
>> (in the USA)? 

bernhard at said:
> This is news to me.  AFAIK only the necessary number of people is
> actually a member of the FSF. 

Ok, I may mix up terms here. I myself used to be a "member" of the FSF in the 
USA while I was there. This meant I was on the mailing list and paid the 
membership fee for a year (some years ago). I did not contribute in any other 
way. If my memory serves me right, there was an election of some sort 
announced on the mailing list (treasurer?), but I did not participate 
actively, since I did not know enough about the people involved to make an 
educated decision. Still, I believe I could have called myself a "member" of 
the FSF at that time.

- Josef

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