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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at
Fri Jul 27 07:19:56 UTC 2001

unfortunately, this thread has developed in an unhappy way.
Nonetheless it might help to find a common base for
free software activities in Germany.
So I ask all parties not to take the discussion
in a personal way (we are all professionals).

Just to add some points from my view:

Jörg is certainly not responsible for all of the GMD
doings, structure and plans. So I suggest fighting against
the negative GMD aspects, Jörg is not the prime target.
He's with the GMD and explained some of their doings.
The same holds true for Werner, Bernhard and the FSFE Germany.

Probably I am one of the guys you have talked about.
One of those who were said to 'not trust BerliOS'.
To my taste this term does not really express my point.
My feelings about BerliOS consist of two elements:

1.	I am of the free software camp, not the open source one.
	I am just uncertain about BerliOS who almost entirely avoid
	the term free software, its meaning and history.
	This does not downgrade BerliOS, it just follows that
	I will choose the free software alternative instead
	of BerliOS.

2.	I recently discussed some technical and communication
	problems of BerliOS and even offered my help (on this list
	in correspondence with someone of the GMD/BerliOS circle).
	I got no answer, which might be by chance, but this actually
	dows downgrade BerliOS. (I asked for the direct contact to discuss
	critics to BerliOS; there seems to be no apropriate contact
	information on the BerliOS pages. Free software people
	don't like anonymity.)
On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 10:43:29PM +0200, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> If there is a number of people inside GMD who have a good idea, then GMD
> helps them to found a new company. This typically results in a loss of
> money from GMD and a win for the new company. The reason for doing this is
> to support to found new high tech companies in Germany and thus to support
> the future of Germany.
> The support works the following way: the people from the new company keep
> their office in GMD for 2 years and may use the phone, the internet and
> computer infrastructure for free while working 50% of the time for GMD
> projects and 50% of the time for their own projects. Then there is another
> 2 years phase during this phase the poeple may suspend their job with GMD.
> If the new company is successful, they stay inside the new company.
> If the new company is unsuccessful, then they return to GMD.
> What is wrong with this strategy to support new companies?
> On a short term base, it takes money from the government. On a long term
> base these new companies grant tax income for the government and support
> the German community.

I am really sorry, I can not resist:

I wish I had the same secure environment when I raised
my company eventually competing with GMD spin-offs :-)
I paid for both.

Don't mind. Neither Jörg, myself or anyone else on this
list can change this situation.

Jan-Oliver Wagner     

Intevation GmbH	          

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