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joack at gmx.net joack at gmx.net
Thu Jul 26 18:24:41 UTC 2001

yesterday, I think, Georg asked  for ideas to deal with sponsors, private 
and coorporations. I'd like to propose a historic example (not quite 
accurate, maybe) that might even appease Anders.
The examaple is that of the _early_ Royal Society. They were in a similar 
siotuation as the fsfe now but already overrun by the "wrong" people 
(OpenSource in our case, I guess).
So they came up with the following system:
_ a patron. The King in their case; sponsors here,
_ assosiated members; paying a regular fee.,
_ contributing members; (obvious, I guess) and, later on even
_ honorary members.
None of the above had any hand in the handling of policies, no right to 
vote. But the could call themselves Members R.S.

Lastly the nominated members, we already have those!
I think that might work and it might even draw the comunity closer to the 


         Marc Aurel

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