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On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 10:46:32AM +0200, Anders Lindback wrote:
> =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Miguel Neves skrev:

[ Scenario where a company makes a lot of employees members and
democratically takes over. ]

> > Tell me how do you protect yourself from this scenario? 

> Most programmer knows you can solve a problem by adding an extra indirection.

Most programming rules do not work with human organisations.

> By having a represetnative assembly on the european level and
> a direct democracy in the chapter level it's impossible to take
> over FSFE.  

A Multinational company?

> To be able to do a hostile take-over one first has to take control of
> several national sharpters and use these powers to control the european
> board. But the european level has the possibility to revoke the membership 
> of a chapter.  It means that as soon there is revolution in
> one chapter that shapter can lose it's status as a chapter and no longer
> have a any power within FSFE.  Nobody can thus take over the
> orgnasation.

It does not work.
There must be a reason for the european board to dismantle the membership.
How do they decide what is a revolution or not?
We can add time and more administrative levels, but this will be the
same problem.

> Any more objections against allowing everyone who wants to become a mamber ?

You have not responded to all the arguments (referenced in my last mail) 
why the FSFE has choosen this structure.
I have now addressed your objections against the current FSFE structure.
Any more more objections against the current FSFE structure?  :)


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