Klaus Schilling pessy at chez.com
Thu Jul 26 07:05:22 UTC 2001

Loic Dachary writes:
 > Simo Sorce writes:
 >  > 
 >  > Well, Unesco is a department of the united nation, if the direct
 >  > responsible person does not want to hear at our question, we may
 >  > ask the Unesco if this is really the Unesco vision, and above that
 >  > if it is also the United Nation vision.  It is only a matter to
 >  > find someone above Stephane Fermigier to deal with.  (I'm not
 >  > saying this is easy, just the thing to do.)
 >  > 
 > 	I failed to mention that Stephane Fermigier is not a Unesco
 > employee.

Of course not. He runs a business in the content management sector (zope)
and is one of the leaders of the AFUL (http://www.aful.org)

 > My understanding is that he wrote the content of the portal
 > because he was hired by Unesco to do so.

This makes sense.

 > It would be worthwhile to
 > explain Unesco that the content of their portal would be better if
 > it expressed the views of the Free Software movement. It would be good
 > if you could send a mail to the people responsible for the web site.

But who exactly is that?

Klaus Schilling

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