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Wed Jul 25 09:12:53 UTC 2001

Simo Sorce writes:
 > Well, Unesco is a department of the united nation, if the direct
 > responsible person does not want to hear at our question, we may
 > ask the Unesco if this is really the Unesco vision, and above that
 > if it is also the United Nation vision.  It is only a matter to
 > find someone above Stephane Fermigier to deal with.  (I'm not
 > saying this is easy, just the thing to do.)

	I failed to mention that Stephane Fermigier is not a Unesco
employee. My understanding is that he wrote the content of the portal
because he was hired by Unesco to do so. It would be worthwhile to
explain Unesco that the content of their portal would be better if
it expressed the views of the Free Software movement. It would be good
if you could send a mail to the people responsible for the web site.
The mail I sent was in French, therefore I guess it won't help you much.
It is archived in the fsfe-france at gnu.org mailing list. I wrote a long
explanatory mail, which is necessary in this case. After all, Unesco does
nothing wrong, they are just misinformed on this subject.


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