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Tue Jul 24 19:54:52 UTC 2001

Wim De Smet wrote:
> Alistair Davidson wrote:
> >
> > In much the same way as the kernel should be optimised to be as fast and
> > stable as possible, the UI should be optimised to be as usable as
> > possible. All the same functions should still be there, but it does no
> > harm to move the more complex ones to an "advanced" tab and to arrange
> > things logically (like having one unified font selection menu rather
> > than three seperate ones).
> >
> These are actually some things I wouldn't mind seeing too. But I also think
> that it shouldn't influence the UI in a way that it loses transparancy and,
> in effect, power (or how would one describe that?). The reason I mention
> windows is that this is a perfect example of how the developers focus on one
> users group (the newbies, who they seem to consider the only user group) and
> in that effort create redundant systems that harm the os's efficiency and
> (again) transparancy. Transparancy is what I really like about linux. This
> is my fear in watching some of the suggestions in the sun gnome usability
> report.

Oh, I couldn't agree more, the idea of removing features or reducing
power is just plain wrong. And certainly, I'd disagree with their
suggestion of changing the Home dir's icon into a hard-drive or
something. Though they did discover a problem, I think they suggested
the wrong solution in that case.

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