Alan Cox resignation from USENIX ALS committee for Dimitry Sklyarov arrest

giovanni.biscuolo at giovanni.biscuolo at
Tue Jul 24 14:58:18 UTC 2001

Maybe most of you already knows it, but I think it is *very* important
to spread this message around Free Software community. So please sorry
if you receive this twice.

On 20 July 2001 Alan Cox announced his resignation from USENIX committee
in protest for Dimitry Sklyarov arrest on 16 July 2001.

Please found his announcment here:

Please follow Alan Cox suggestions.
Thank you very much mr. Cox!

Dimitry is a russian programmer who found the way to decrypt Adobe
e-books. He went in USA for Defcon 9 conferece. He was arrested after
the conference for DMCA (Digital Millenium Copiright Act) infringment.

Please find further material here:

It seems a joke: a russian arrested in the USA for for allowing readers
to exercise their rights. Obviously they call him a "pirate": sometimes
words are worse than swords.

How much it will took to see USA scientists (programmers *are*
scientists) to ask for political asylum around the world?

Good bye USA!

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