FSFE Finance (was: Usability)

Ludovic PENET lpenet at cubicsoft.com
Tue Jul 24 12:54:34 UTC 2001

> Independent from what ? The people of Europe ?

> Independence and focusing on long term goals are more a state of mind
> and has nothing to do with how many members the organisation has.

> Of cource the FSFE will delegate handling members and such
> to the local chapters in each country.
I think you, board of the FSFE, must have debated a lot on that before
taking such a decision.
However, I think from my candid point of view like the organization and
membership of APRIL, for instance, match the independence of the association
and the protection against hostile take-overs.
I have been really shocked at first by the closed membership of the FSFE. It
makes it appear like Greenpeace for instance, which I hold from my personnal
point of view (please, no debate on that :-) ), as a nearly terrorist

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