Wim De Smet wdesmet at
Mon Jul 23 22:14:24 UTC 2001


> I'm sure that most people here have alread seen Sun's Gnome Usablity
> report (
> for
> those who haven't)

I checked it out. There were good tips (so that's what glob means...), but
some made me think "geez, it's not windows". The main argument of the study
seems to be that somebody should be able to use GNOME without ever reading a
manual. Why not take the time for a little bit of training, it's not like
there aren't windows initialisation courses. Whatever, never attended that.
Anyway, maybe it is the purpose of GNOME to make everything accessible and
easy for everyone, but I personally like being close to the internals of my
sys. And I think there's a problem when people find black screens "scary"
(making them blue would probably not help either ;)


Wim De Smet
wdesmet at

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