Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Mon Jul 23 15:55:54 UTC 2001

> I'm sure that most people here have alread seen Sun's Gnome Usablity
> report (
> for those who haven't)

Thanks for the full pointer.

> It seems to me that these are exactly the sorts of reports we need.

After having read [part of] it, I don't think we need anything like
this. This is *only* my personal opinion, obviously.

> this report is good, but its scope is limited.

Its scope is awfully limited. It focuses on "how similar this is to
windows". We don't need such stuff. I don't care at all about this
stuff, and assertions like

	Relevant Usability Principle: Match between system and the real	world.

where the "real world" is "windows computers" are definitely pointless.
See another thread here about innovation vs. replication.


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