New associate organization of the FSF Europe in Austria

Matthias Kabel cisos at
Sun Jul 22 17:49:38 UTC 2001

* Olivier Berger (oberger at [010722 19:24]:

> Hmmmm... considering (some seconds later ;) the URL of the site, I feel
> a bit puzzled by the domain, whichs seems to indicate that we
> speak about FSF, not FFS...
> Can some one explain why the FFS organisation has a FSF domain ? ...
> won't there be any confusion ?

We want to hold teh domain for the fsf, here in austria the domain is
hod by "Förderverein für Sozialforschung" which has nothing to do with
software. So we decided to get similiar domains and hand them over, if there
is a real fsfe in Austria. We had a very goold talk with Georg Greve an
dBernhard Reiter at the german Linuxtag about this point. 
Some members of the FFS will be members of the chapter Austria. So
everything is under control, 

> Or maybe FFS is more than an associate organisation, but instead the
> local Chapter itself ? Or they run the soon-to-come chapter's web site ?


> ... so why not directly ?

We were to fast and we wanted to get the domains.

> Not such a big deal anyway, as long as FS spreads in autria too.


Matthias Kabel

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