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Fri Jul 20 13:40:24 UTC 2001

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 02:00:01PM +0100, Jeff Davies wrote:
> Ultimately, though, people buy preconfigured systems. I am
> seriously pissed that Dell refuse to sell a Linux system in europe
> "because of a deal between Dell and Microsoft". And you can't get
> a bare system to install anything other than Red Hat. (and they
> charge the same for Red Hat as for Microsoft).
> Please someone tell me that Dell has changed.

Not sure about desktops, but certainly you can get preconfigured servers
with RedHat at a reasonable price (IIRC, they charge about 70UKP for RH, and
around 400UKP for a basic Win2k with no extra CALs) - so at least their
pricing will have changed if it ever was at parity. 

It is a shame though - I actually quite like their hardware.




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