Very Worried at MS .net

Jeff Davies jeff.davies at
Fri Jul 20 11:46:40 UTC 2001

>  Java is dead.  MS killed it, and are being sued for it - but it was
>worth the
>  suing.  (/me is thinking of MS's java version that was not cross

>  JohnFlux

What a load of crap. try looking for jobs in C++ and java in ComputerWeekly.
a.) There are over 4 times as many java jobs as c++ (including the subset
visual c++).
b.) java jobs pay about double the c++ rate. (GBP 50k versus GBP 25k).
Visual Basic is much the
same level as Visual C++.
c.) There are about infinity percent more java jobs than C sharp/.NET (do a
which is complete vapourware in the sense nothing has been deployed, there
are no systems
in the field.

Technical notes:
1. java is used just about everywhere XML is used.
2. java does not have to be slow, or have anything to do with JVM - you can
compile native
with Visual Age Java, GCJ (gnu C++ modified), and many many other java
3. Programming in Java, by my own metrics is 3 times as productive as C++.
4. SOAP (one of the technologies associated with ".net" is just XML in a
HTTP GET which is
trivial and hardly worth being called a technology).
5. The real home of XML for the enterprise is nothing to do with Microsoft,
it is mainly IBM
technology, all released through Apache type licenses if not GPL. Look for
Apache project - Tomcat (Java Servlet container), Xerces (parser), Xalan
(XSLT), FOP (formatting objects),
Cocoon (JSP servlet), and SOAP (ignored until IBM jumped in), and the
incredible ANT (XML make utility
with which you can perform incredible gymnastics - especially when tied to

On what basis did you base your opinion that Java was dead, when there are
more java programmers in the world
than any other type of programmer? Please note programmers working on Off
the shelf programs represent a
small minority. Most work in customisation/services.

Jeff Davies

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