LinuxTag Aftermath - PR

Benedikt Wildenhain benedikt at
Thu Jul 19 16:22:48 UTC 2001

On Mon, Jul 16, 2001 at 12:56:05PM +0200, Georg C. F. Greve wrote:

>  3.) Also a reporter from the Focus (one of the biggest weekly German
>    news-magazines - readers probably somewhere in the millions range)
>    spent quite some time at the FSF Europe booth and talked to
>    us. Also he had his photographer make some pictures of me. Today
>    the new issue (29/2001) came out and on page 106 they have a short
>    bit about the GNU/LinuxTag. 
>    It could be better terms of historic accuracy & such, *but* it only
>    speaks of Free Software and calls proprietary software "non-free
>    software!" 

Perhabs somebody could create a page that exactly explains the
differences between non-free, free, open source and proprietary
software to prevent confusion.

May the tux be with you.
Benedikt Wildenhain

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