User friendly Free Software Desktops

Tomasz Wegrzanowski taw at
Thu Jul 19 07:55:50 UTC 2001

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 10:22:43AM +0200, Josef Dalcolmo wrote:
> home at said:
> > I personally think the Win2k install is very easy, esp. compared to
> > Debian. I would rate the Debian install as marginally harder than
> > Win95. Certainly, ...
> So, then that means that Debian is at least 5 years behind Microsoft in terms 
> of user friendliness, since Debian 2.2 is from 2000 and Win95 from 1995.
> I think that goes also for the documentation. Win95 just did not give you 
> enough documentation, Debians documentation is voluminous, but inconsistent 
> and badly organized.
> Of course Debian is not just an operating system, so one should probably 
> better compare Debian with Win2000 + Office2000 + MS C++. There Debian wins on 
> the development tools side (I think), but looses on the day to day business 
> tools (Even though I am not a fan of MS Word).

Just add Star/Open Office and you can't loose.
Where it *really* loses is i18n.

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