Translation of that German reply about LinuxTag

Jaime E . Villate villate at
Thu Jul 19 08:11:52 UTC 2001

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 03:41:58PM +0100, E L Tonkin wrote:
> ... A bad precedent, one that's likely to stop me translating
> and/or posting any non-original content on this list for fear of
> misrepresentation.
> I hope you see why this is a problem for me, 

I sympathize with your complaint but please do not stop translating because of
what happened; your translation was very helpful for those of us who are
clueless in German.

For future translations, by you or any other members of the list, I'd suggest
to include the original text (even with some mail headers in this case) next
to the translation. I must admit that when I read your translation I had to go
back to the original message in German, to realize what part belonged to
the translation.


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