User friendly Free Software Desktops

Josef Dalcolmo dalcolmo at
Thu Jul 19 08:22:43 UTC 2001

home at said:
> I personally think the Win2k install is very easy, esp. compared to
> Debian. I would rate the Debian install as marginally harder than
> Win95. Certainly, ...

So, then that means that Debian is at least 5 years behind Microsoft in terms 
of user friendliness, since Debian 2.2 is from 2000 and Win95 from 1995.

I think that goes also for the documentation. Win95 just did not give you 
enough documentation, Debians documentation is voluminous, but inconsistent 
and badly organized.

Of course Debian is not just an operating system, so one should probably 
better compare Debian with Win2000 + Office2000 + MS C++. There Debian wins on 
the development tools side (I think), but looses on the day to day business 
tools (Even though I am not a fan of MS Word).

- Josef

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