"Europa and the GNU" graphics released under Free Art licence (was: Re: How the white T-shirts will look like)

Anja Gerwinski anja at 44615166.theo-phys.uni-essen.de
Wed Jul 18 22:49:16 UTC 2001

Hello, Marc and all,

Marc Eberhard wrote on Jun 08, 2001 at 09:07AM +0100:
> >From me too. I like it very much! Thanks to Anja and to Peter for making
> this possible. Do I understand it right, that everyone is free to grab the
> PS file and to print it on a T-shirt? 

Yes. I have been thinking quite a while about which licence would be
appropriate. Even though there are some images under GNU GPL (e.g. the
Dynamic Duo), in my opinion the GPL does not really make sense
for images. Frederic Couchet pointed me to the Free Art licence
http://artlibre.org/licence/lalgb.html which I decided to apply. The
final version of "Europa and the GNU" is at


If you want exactly the same layout as on the FSFE t-shirts you need
to get the PostScript logo (the licensing terms and official location
of which I do not know) and uncomment the relevant lines in the LaTeX

There are also some pixel graphics that can be used as desktop
backgrounds, plus a small button that could be used to link to FSF
Europe. The button includes the FSFE logo. I could not find licensing
terms for it. If someone points me to them I will either add them or,
if the licence does not permit this use, replace the logo by some
standard font.

Best wishes,


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