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E L,
thanks for the translation of 
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On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 01:08:19AM +0100, E L Tonkin wrote:
> Guys: here's a vague sort of translation of that mail sent from a 'core
> FSFE member' in such charming German, re. LinuxTag. 

To clarify:
The original message contained statements from Martin "Joey" Schulze 
and Klaus Knopper.  Both are member of the Gnu/Linuxtag core team. 
Not to be confused with the FSFE core team which they are not members of.

Next three lines by Joey:
> 1 press agency, 1 radio show, 1 news magazine - a good yield for the
> FSF(E). Does anybody have the Focus article? 
> Otherwise, FYI: 

> The reporters' incompetence is boundless.
> Quotation from the Deutschlandfunk article:
> " Already the first viruses and security holes in Linux have been sought
> out and also abused."
> " because practically every programmer has access to the source code
>  aimed back doors and weak points can be added. "
> (this quotation is indirectly attributed to Georg Greve). 
> The Focus article disqualifies itself at once by the heading " commerce
> instead of community". The remainder can also be read on the Web. They've
> understood nothing about Free Software.
> It's really bitter... Also, that the virus scanners introduced on the
> LinuxTag were there for WINDOWS VIRUSES has been quietly forgotten.
> cheers, 
> Klaus
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