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 elt> 1 press agency, 1 radio show, 1 news magazine - a good yield for
 elt> the FSF(E). Does anybody have the Focus article?

Yes, as scanned PDF. Since that is rather large-ish, you can find it on

or download it directly:

 elt> " because practically every programmer has access to the source
 elt> code aimed back doors and weak points can be added. "
 elt> (this quotation is indirectly attributed to Georg Greve). 

I never said any such thing and in the German version you would
normally not attribute the statement to me. All statements by the
people are clearly marked by quotation marks.

Unfortunately, that article is *extremely* incomplete. It is a
summary, not a transcript. I have asked for the recording so we can
provide the audio file and a transcript, but I haven't received
anything yet.

 elt> The Focus article disqualifies itself at once ...

I think you're being overly critical here - this is just an
"eyecatcher." The article itself contains some errors and doesn't
speak of GNU/Linux, *but* it avoids the cardinal mistake of confusing
free and gratis and doesn't even mention "Open Source." It speaks of
Free and non-Free Software instead.

All in all it is much more precise than articles by some dedicated
computer magazines, which came as a positive surprise to me because I
also don't read this magazine normally. :-)


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