Translation of that German reply about LinuxTag

E L Tonkin py7elt at
Wed Jul 18 00:08:19 UTC 2001

Guys: here's a vague sort of translation of that mail sent from a 'core
FSFE member' in such charming German, re. LinuxTag. Granted that my German
is only slightly better than my Maltese, you'll have to excuse the
random nature of it - linguistic flamers will first have to tell me why
they didn't do it better. 


temporary (and very bad) babel poisson.

/* This translation is not authoritative, probably wrong, possibly been
entirely replaced by a totally different document or script from the
Simpsons, and it's not my fault. */



1 press agency, 1 radio show, 1 news magazine - a good yield for the
FSF(E). Does anybody have the Focus article? 

Otherwise, FYI: 

The reporters' incompetence is boundless.
Quotation from the Deutschlandfunk article:

" Already the first viruses and security holes in Linux have been sought
out and also abused."

" because practically every programmer has access to the source code
 aimed back doors and weak points can be added. "
(this quotation is indirectly attributed to Georg Greve). 

The Focus article disqualifies itself at once by the heading " commerce
instead of community". The remainder can also be read on the Web. They've
understood nothing about Free Software.

It's really bitter... Also, that the virus scanners introduced on the
LinuxTag were there for WINDOWS VIRUSES has been quietly forgotten.



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