Very Worried at MS .net

Alistair Davidson lord_inh at
Tue Jul 17 22:08:15 UTC 2001

John Peter Tapsell wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, you wrote:
> > On 16 Jul 2001 20:59:58 +0100, John Peter Tapsell -->
> >
> > > If they gain full control of a globally and totally accepted passport scheme,
> > > they will control all.
> > >
> > Most companies (the big ones, at
> > least) know how strategic their
> > client base is. Giving it to
> > Microsoft through the use of .NET
> > (and, consequently, passport) is not
> > something they'll do lightly.
> ...
> I started reading the first set of replies to my email, and I started getting
> even more worred.  I started feeling that -the collective us- are not taking MS
> seriously enough, or even understand.
> In particular replies along the lines of " slashdot sucks, i didn't read the
> trolls.... i don't get your point"  and " I will always use free software" and
> "free software is better".  Not that i disagree with any of the points, but
> they misinterpreted my original email.

Well, I read the /. posts with interest. I even replied to one. It seems
to me that essentially, microsoft are gambling that ASPs are the future-
imagine, Microsoft pushing the network computer!

It's worth bearing in mind that imposition of order == escalation of
chaos. The more they tightne their grip, the more star systems [er...
servers] will slip through their fingers.

Now, I don't think that NET compatability should be our main aim. Having
a superior system should be. The main aim of GNU and Linux is not
compatability with FAT32, instead their is an aim to support as many
file systems as is feasible.

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