Very Worried at MS .net

Tomasz Wegrzanowski taw at
Tue Jul 17 01:25:34 UTC 2001

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 01:17:31AM +0100, Alistair Davidson wrote:
> Agreed. Personally, I'd far rather apt-get, or even buy on CD, a
> software libre package than pay a subscription to an ASP. Unless some
> ASP comes up with a truly killer ap that cannot be replicated by more
> traditional methods then I should imagine most users will feel the same.
> Which would you pay- a ?10 shipping fee for the latest version of Open
> Office or ?10/month for a subscription to an equivalent proprietary
> package?

If you pay per minute for internet you won't the like app on asp anyway.
But some apps are hard to replicate on client computer.
Like google and others which needs lot of frequently changing storage.

Just think, how many people would pay for google ?
I think that quite many.

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