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Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Mon Jul 16 10:56:05 UTC 2001

Hi all,

our activities at the GNU/LinuxTag have apparently been relatively
successful. There have been three outstanding things I wanted to share
with you:

 1.) The news agency ddp ( made an email-interview with me
   just before the LinuxTag started and they editor said he liked my
   answers so much that he put it on the line in full size. 

   I do not know whether any newspaper has brought something about it,
   but this should still have served to create awareness with the
   journalists.  It was possibly the trigger for the other things that

 2.) At the LinuxTag, I was asked by the "Deutschlandfunk," one of the
   few good radio stations in Germany (covering all of Germany) to
   participate in a short bit about the LinuxTag together with a
   representative of HP.

   My question was about security of Free Software, but first I got
   the chance to tell all of Germany they should talk about Free
   Software and not Open Source. Then I gave the "key and lock"
   analogy I usually use for explaining why Free Software is more

   I have asked for a recording (that I haven't gotten yet - so I
   cannot share it with you right now) and you can find a (rather
   incomplete and "Open Sourcy") summary at (in German):

 3.) Also a reporter from the Focus (one of the biggest weekly German
   news-magazines - readers probably somewhere in the millions range)
   spent quite some time at the FSF Europe booth and talked to
   us. Also he had his photographer make some pictures of me. Today
   the new issue (29/2001) came out and on page 106 they have a short
   bit about the GNU/LinuxTag. 

   It could be better terms of historic accuracy & such, *but* it only
   speaks of Free Software and calls proprietary software "non-free

   If you intend to let them know about their mistakes (I will
   definitely get in touch with them), please keep in mind that they
   have done a much better job than some computer magazines already
   and we shouldn't attack them for not understanding it all at

   The fact that they apparently _DID_ understand that it is about
   freedom and broadcast this to millions of Germans is already a huge
   success in my eyes. 

   We should probably spread the word about this article to other
   German magazines & newspapers...
   The article can be found online (in German) at
   although it lacks the pictures. 

   [for those who cannot take a look at the actual magazine: there are
   two pictures. One shows the head of IBMs German "Linux division"
   with a short text about IBMs "Linux activities." The other one has
   the explanatory text: "Freedom fighter. Software is cultural
   property, says Georg Greve of the Free Software Foundation
   Europe. Therefore programs should be available for everyone." :-)]

Given that we only exist officially since March, I'd say this was
not bad at all. 


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