about BerliOS --> This is not my war!

Gregorio Robles grex at scouts-es.org
Sun Jul 15 22:34:25 UTC 2001

	Hi, list,
	Hi, Werner

	I only write to you to say that sincerelly I think this is not my war.

	I wrote the "about BerliOS" mail, because I read

	* BerliOS is at GMD (and GMD got involved in the MP3 patent)
	* BerliOS is at GMD (and GMD has spin offs that make proprietary
	* somebody at BerliOS attacked GNU and RMS cluelessly and with unfair

	and I only wanted to inform you with my best intentions that:

	* BerliOS makes free software
	* BerliOS defends publicly that software is not patentable
	* this person at BerliOS has GPL applications that compete with GNU's
and RMS' apps

	... but I think further discussion is beyond my scope.

	I'm only a student and I wanted to make my diploma thesis. I don't
wanted to make proprietary software and at BerliOS they gave me the
possibility to make free software.

	I'm only a student and in two months I'll be in Spain not anymore in
BerliOS. I don't take BerliOS decisions. And I'm not the one who should
defend it.

	I hope you understand why this is not my war. If you've got comments on
BerliOS you should post them to the BerliOS project manager, who is in
the Cc: of this message.

	I apologize if somebody has taken personally my opinions. It was really
not my goal. :-)

	thank you for your time,
		I know you are all very occupied people



> >       "Open Source" is what BerliOS got the money for. Yes, it's a real
> > problem, that politicians get in panic when you tell them "free
> > software" :-(. I hope you're working hard at FSF-Europe to change this.
> Many (but not all) still talk about Open Source but I have never seen
> one panicking over the term Free Software - try it yourself.

	Werner, you're right!
	It's not only FSFE's aim... it's also my aim! I'll try to do my best.

> Please read
> http://fsfeurope.org/documents/freesoftware.html to learn the
> difference between Open Source and Free Software.

	I know the differences!
	I visited at the University last semester a lesson named "Geschichte
der freien Software" (Free Software History), where I got two excellent
teachers that taught me about it (I know one of them is in this list
;-)... I have to say a very big "thank you" to him! ;-)...)

Geschichte der freien Software:

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