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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Fri Jul 13 07:39:06 UTC 2001

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 01:28:24AM +0200, Gregorio Robles wrote:
> 	sorry, guys, but I can't sleep. Such uninformed postings as I've seen
> aren't justified. I'll try to explain a little about BerliOS at least to
> show you another point of view...

at least we finally managed to provoke people from BerliOS take part
in the discussion :-)

> > I also think this will be *far* from representative. You can also
> > see it in the other berlios activities which have no representative
> > free software projects in their sourceforge application.
> 	We've just begun!

Savannah also. But there are much more interesting projects
in there than at BerliOS. I know its because it is the FSF/GNU site.

But it is partly reasoned by the fact that people trust more
in network structures than in non-networked structures (such
as BerliOS). Networks provide far better communication and fall-backs.

To my knowldge GMD has not tried to network with other activities.
It just looked like GMD would like to make itself an important
factor in the sight of the german government (to receive many more
grants in the future).
Communication/networking are two of the success factors in
Free Software and GMD has not demonstrated competence in this
by now. Please change this.

> > Furthermore they have a list of 'Linux-companies' with an
> > 'importance  order' noone can really take seriously. Calling
> > themselve the 'Open Source mediator' they advertise proprietary
> > companies there.
> 	please mail us if you see such errors. Before criticize, please be
> constructive!

I usually give constructive advice if I face errors/bugs.
This 'importance order' is elementary nonsense and when
I saw it I just gave up on BerliOS. One really bad
experience can outweight numbers of good experiences.

btw, only one bug is closed at berlios. Any other is still open
(back to Nov. 16th 2000). Honestly speaking, this does not really
motivate to spend time on writing bug reports.
(I hope I understood the bug tracker correctly and 'None' means 'all')

OK, you have convinced me that I will give a final try to help
BerliOS. Please provide me with an official and direct contact where
I can submit constructive comments.

Finally something completely different:
If you answer on more than one email in one text
please cite all original texts with authors.

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