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MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 01:24:26 UTC 2001

Gregorio Robles <grex at scouts-es.org> writes:

> 	Please, tell names: you're probably talking about Jörg Schilling.
> 	The point is that Schilly has its own editor (ved) and some other tools
> (smake, star...) that "compete" directly with Emacs and the GNU tools.
> 	Schilly says his applications are better than RMS' and than GNU's.
> 	Is that a fault? I see more _personal_ aspects in your argumentation
> than points talking about free software. Schilly's contribution to the
> free software community is _very_ big. Please, take that in notice!

Well, if you're so keen to have such a person associated with the
project and take the benefits of whatever they bring, then you also
have to take the downside of these things, like this, I think.  Or you
can do something about it and try to get someone to have a quiet word
about the bad publicity they are bringing on the entire project.

Fact is, no matter what good you do, it can be outweighed by the bad
far more quickly.

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