questionary - who developes FS/OSS

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Jul 12 06:33:41 UTC 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 00:06:06 +0200, Alessandro Rubini said:

> Maybe I'm suspicious by nature, but why should we spend our time to
> send personal information to those people? Who are they?  What is
> their aim in this move?

They are founded by the German Ministry of Economics (a different
department than the one which gave the GnuPG grants) and are run by
the GMD and Fraunhofer (those with the MP3 patents).

Nobody in the (German) community trusts BERLIOS, probably due to a gut

One of the responsible persons there is attacking the GNU project
everytime you mention the words GNU, EMACS or RMS, with total clueless
and unfair accusations.



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