questionary - who developes FS/OSS

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Wed Jul 11 22:06:06 UTC 2001

> just to let you know: At Tech Uni Berlin, all _developers_
> of Free Software / Open Source Software are invited to
> answer a really short questionary.

Maybe I'm suspicious by nature, but why should we spend our time to
send personal information to those people? Who are they?  What is
their aim in this move?

And independently of whether their are friends or foes, I doubt they
will get a statistically meaningful data set given how little spread
the infromation about the poll is. So why should we care?

It's *not* a rethorical question; if there are reasons why we should
care, I think we should. But by now, I don't see any.

Thanks for your patience

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