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Jeff Davies jeff at llandre.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 17:01:17 UTC 2001

Karin Kosina wrote:

> ### Jeff Davies [Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 05:39:36PM +0100]
> > I also have an idea for much stronger enryption than one time pad,
> > but I need to finish writing it up.
> This is not a crypto list, but let me state that one thing: No
> encryption technique can possibly be stronger than OTP. If you have no
> indications as to what the plaintext might be, OTP is unbreakable.
> M + K = C
> if M,K == unknown (and C known), and all keys K are possible, then
> therefore all "corresponding" plain texts C-K are equally possible.

"If you have no
indications as to what the plaintext might be, OTP is unbreakable."
Big "if". My technique is: random table for character combinations perhaps
words even.
But then the Key maps message bits into a much larger random packet (perhaps
100 times the size).
(the bits are also randomly inverted, and there are randomly assigned
verification integers to avoid corruption
in the packet - checksums weaken the technique of course). Also, the packet
can then be buried in
multiple dummy packets.
The spraying of the bits randomly into a larger random packet is a bit like
spread spectrum radio

As you probably know, Echelon can decode 128 bit public private keys at the
rate of 5000 per second
per ASIC, and USA probably have many, many ASICs per board in a huge set of
racks somewhere.

Jeff Davies.

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