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Frederik Harwath fnord at
Wed Jul 11 10:36:59 UTC 2001

my pictures aren't developed yet, but Joey (from Debian) who provided us
with a newsletter through all the time of the planning of our booth,
just put a list
(  of
loads of pictures taken by different people online. I
allready browsed through those pictures and picked out all that show our
booth or stuff linked to it in some way, so you won't have to go through
all of them if you just want to know how our booth looked like (although
they are still worth viewing  ...):

as Georg already mentioned some of us (kyrah, Andreas from Debian and
me) gathered lots of people to sing the free software song. Well, here's
a picture showing that event. Do you recognize the guy with the flute
*g* (hint: ...).

three pictures of our booth's staff 
first picture on the left (from left to right): Lutz, Frederik, Volker
(hm, those pics make me think I should really have looked harder for a
bath room ... it's really bad to be a poor student who can't afford a
hotel and has to sleep in the organization's office ...)

on the 2nd picture you can see Christian and Lutz

some pictures of the LinuxTag's "social event" (singing the free
software song .... :) )

well, here you see the neet "dynamic duo" poster we had at our booth

the free software song


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