Youthwork and fs

andrea mayr mayr at
Tue Jul 10 14:48:36 UTC 2001


I am based in vienna, and working on a concept to succzessively involve
free software systems in this cities youth centers. There are several
locations who declared to be interested in using Linux terminals if there
is a possibility to get support in handling it.  
As i am currently a single person who focuses on this project, my further
steps will be to find informational as well as practical help for the
different locations. 
The great thing on this task is, that i am backed by an organisation from
the city of vienna, so it is a kind of "official" task, which potentially
should help in finding supporters.
Doing research, i found several activities for involving Linux in
educational areas like schools (i found lots of them in germany) and
refering to them, efforts for involving terminal server solutions, which
would probably also fit for my needs. But, as youth centers are not
schools, allthough serving the same people, the requirements are a little
bit different. 

My motivation in writing to this list is to get information about related
initiatives in european countries. Youthwork is much different in the
single european countries, thats for sure, but this will make my work of
evaluation more rich. 

appreciate your help.


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