Economic Arguments for Free Software

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> Bernhard, one month ago:
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> > Therefor we can find some arguments and nice analogies in there
> > to fight common mistakes about an economy of software has to work.
> It's interesting, but it has a serious problem: it only considers
> "open source" as charity work. 

The author uses the suboptimal term for Free Software, but I
consider this a minor problem.

His aim of the article is: 
	Free Software makes sense 
	even if when there will not be a business model for it.

This is no statement about whether there is such a business model.
He does not answer yes or no only that no widely recognised one has been 
found so far.

Consider the following quotes it makes a lot of sense to envision
that there is a business model for sure:

" Is it possible to make money off Open Source? In the light of all
that we have discussed, this now seems a rather petty and
inconsequential question to ask.
There is great wealth that will be created [..]
and very little of that will have anything to do with money. 
this increase in the overall size of the
economic pie results in proportionately more wealth for all, then
that's the grand answer to our petty question

> While some is charity, more and more is not. 
> The fact that it can either be charity or paid work is what makes
> the real difference, in my opinion. 

There is also a difference between charity and getting other rewards.
The former is altruistic the latter not. He also talks about the latter.


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