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Sun Jul 8 18:16:06 UTC 2001

On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 10:33:14AM -0600, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     Excuse me, while this point may already have been discussed, IMHO this
>     is a subjective Point. Anyone should decide for him/herself if [s]he is
>     fine with non-free Software.
> [...]
> Comparing what the distributors *say* about the issue of freedom is an
> important aspect of this.  They are free to choose what to say, and it
> makes sense therefore for us to judge them by the choices they make.
> [...]

While iam fine with the wording of this paragraph, i still find that 
comparisons of this kind should be held objective, not prejudiced. I 
partly felt offended by the wording i cited in my previous Mail - i feel 
happy when you guys tell me, what the distributors {think, say} about 
the issue of Freedom, however -PLEASE- leave it up to my personal opinion 
how important this is to me.

Having said that, one might notice that you (RMS, FSFE) play an important
role in this part and and should be aware of the importance of

IMHO it would be important enough if the comparison was made objective,
but in some post- or preamble the Importance of Freedom were raised in

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