Comparing distributions

Richard Stallman rms at
Sun Jul 8 16:33:14 UTC 2001

    Excuse me, while this point may already have been discussed, IMHO this
    is a subjective Point. Anyone should decide for him/herself if [s]he is
    fine with non-free Software.

This is a question of ethics, on which people can disagree.  The Free
Software Movement has a position on this question; in fact, our
position is the focus of all our activity.  We advocate the
replacement of non-free software with free software.

This main purpose of making this comparison of distributions is to
spread awareness of that ethical position, and help people who agree
with it to act on it.

Comparing what the distributors *say* about the issue of freedom is an
important aspect of this.  They are free to choose what to say, and it
makes sense therefore for us to judge them by the choices they make.

The people who read this comparison are free to disagree with our
views, but that is their worry, not ours.  Our job is to do as good as
possible a job of promoting them.

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