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Yes, one of the problems that the comparison would necessarily face is
that of keeping objectivity. So far, our preferred strategy would be to
list relevant sources on this subject, rather than attempting to condense
our subjective impressions in the first person, and then eventually to
summarise these sources. 

Assuming that the accumulated information is (on average) unbiased, the
resulting summary should be a reasonable expression of the actual opinion
of the distributor - who, I may add, is invited to involve themselves as
much as they wish in the comparison process. Should the distributor find
the sources used or the summaries made unfair or inaccurate, this should
be taken into account. 

The point of this is to accurately define the distributor's overall point
of view (rather than their actions, ie. actual content of their software/
packaging) on the question of freedom. Following which, the individual
reading the comparison may decide for him/herself if [s]he is fine with
the distributor's attitude ;-)


On Sat, 7 Jul 2001, Rico -mc- Gloeckner wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 30, 2001 at 09:54:28AM -0600, Richard Stallman wrote:
> > * Does the distributor express any regrets for the inclusion
> > of non-free software?
> Excuse me, while this point may already have been discussed, IMHO this
> is a subjective Point. Anyone should decide for him/herself if [s]he is
> fine with non-free Software.
> The _objective_ Point of this is discussed in wether non-free Software
> is clearly labeled. The (still subjective) Point in the cite shouldnt be
> "ranked" or mentioned in any comparison.
> again, IMHO.
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