gnu.fsf.europe.* newsgroups

Imran Ghory ImranG at
Wed Jul 4 20:10:40 UTC 2001

On 26 Jun 2001, at 1:00, Karin Kosina wrote:

> (3) Is there anybody who would be willing and able to manage that?=20
>     (I personally really don't have a clue about Usenet...)

If it's a question of creating the newsgroups and managing the 
hierarchy I probably know enough to be able to do that (From prior 
experience of group creation in uk.* and big 8 groups, I also helped 
people create groups in alt.* for about a year and used to be a 
regular of news.admin.hierarchies) without having to learn too much 
extra stuff :-)

However I've no idea about gating newsgroups to mailing lists.

Imran Ghory

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