Microsoft tries to prevent Free Software (Spiegel Article)

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Wed Jul 4 13:28:55 UTC 2001

Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> >> Examples of viral licenses:
> >>
> >> The new Microsoft EULA (affects licenses of other code that is not
> >> covered by Microsoft's copyright).
> >>
> >
> > This is a really good idea IMHO.
> In my opinion it is not. We really should not waste time in this "we
> are not viral you are viral" games. It's childish, or it may look as
> such.
> It's important to spread correct information instead. But it may or
> may not appear as a reply to microsoft.

Sometimes counter-attack is the best defense, not my preferred way but I find
it useful when used carefully.
Our goal is of course to make people think and understand countrary to what 
Microsoft try to do with it's FUD, so exaustive documents are needed, but
remember that many people will not read long docs, for lack of interest or
lazyness. So short correct counter information is needed sometimes.

> I think the GPL is "persistent" (which is a better word in my opinion
> than hereditary or inherited). We should spread that word. The GPL has
> long been attacked as "viral", not only by proprietary companies, by
> the BSD world as well.
> I'm willing to spend some time on that, which is a real issue. Any
> suggestion on how to proceed?

Explain really well your conception of "persistent".
Explain why the term "hereditary" is not ok.

Simo Sorce
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