Fwd: Re: [Fsfe-portugal] Translation in French of the reporting of the 1st meeting

Jaime E . Villate villate at fe.up.pt
Tue Jul 3 10:42:39 UTC 2001

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 04:07:52PM +0100, João Miguel Neves wrote:
> On 02 Jul 2001 12:05:27 +0200, Hugo Nogueira wrote:
> > There is a reporting of the first meeting of the members of the FSFE-Portugal mailing list.
> > It has already been committed here by Jaime Villate:
> > Author : Joao Miguel Neves
> There's something wrong here. The author of the report has been
> Frederico Muñoz, not me.
> --
There is nothing wrong. Just that you  got confused by two different reports:
  1- Activity report of the fsfe-portugal mailing list, written by Frederico
     and committed by Frederic Couchet.
  2- Minutes of the first meeting of the fsfe-portugal mailing list group
     ("Acta"), written by yourself and committed to the CVS server by me.
We are talking about report number 2. I think you forgot to sign it, but you
can go to the list archives and see whether  someone has been sending reports
on your behalf :-)

Greetings from Bordeaux,

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